Lease Program

At Starport Truck Leasing, our goal is to provide owner operators with the best equipment, at the best value.

  • No credit check
  • Balloon payment at the end of the lease is $1.00
  • Truck leases vary in length of lease depending on when the truck was bought. Most trucks are are less than 24 months or less with some newer models being 36 months or less.
  • All truck payments include physical damage insurance, bobtail insurance, 2290 heavy vehicle tax, and personal property tax for the truck, for the life of the lease
  • Truck payment's range from $499 to $799 weekly with all of the insurances and taxes included.
  • For the first 10 weeks of the lease $100 per week will be applied to a deposit. After the deposit is completed, the $100 that is contributed will go towards a maintenance account fund.
  • Maintenance is an additional $100 per week. This fund is available at any time during our business hours.
  • The maintenance account balance may be used for early payoff of the lease.
  • The truck payment comes out as payroll deduction only. The lease with the carrier is in your name, so that you can ensure the money you are making is yours.
  • If service or repairs are done in our shop, we will deduct the amount of the work done from the maintenance account unless cash is paid
  • If service or repairs are done on the road, the driver will be responsible to pay for the amount up front. If a receipt is brought in to Starport, we will reimburse the amount, provided the driver has enough in their maintenance account
  • Carriers will handle all of the drivers plates and permits